TYPE: School Board Meeting
DATE: 3/29/2018 TIME: 5:00 PM
LOCATION: Booker T. Reaves Media Center Charlottesville High School 1400 Melbourne Road
Personal and Academic Excellence Inspired by a Collaborative and Innovative Learning Environment
1.0 Call to Order
1.1 Call to Order Info
2.0 Moment of Silence
2.1 Moment of Silence in Memory of Bennett McClurken-Gibney Info
3.0 Pledge of Allegiance
3.1 Pledge of Allegiance Info
4.0 Roll Call of Board Member
4.1 Roll Call of Board Members Info
5.0 Approval of Agenda
5.1 Approval of Proposed Agenda Action
6.0 Comments from Members of the Community
6.1 Comments from Members of the Community Info
7.0 Student and Staff Recognitions
7.1 Rumi Forum Annual Peace & Dialogue Art and Video Contests Award - Dr. Kendra King Info
7.2 2018 Virginia School Boards Association Regional Forum Art Contest - Dr. Kendra King Info
8.0 Comments from the Board
8.1 Board Member Comments Info
9.0 Adoption of Consent Agenda Action
9.1 Adoption of Consent Agenda Action
9.2 Minutes - March 1, 2018 School Board Meeting Action
9.3 Personnel Recommendations Action
9.4 Business, Financial, Routine Reports - Kim Powell Action
10.0 Items for Discussion
10.1 2018-2019 Career and Technical Education Local Plan - James Henderson Info/Action
10.2 Special Education Annual Plan/Part B Flow-Through Application for 2018 - 2019 - Dr. Kendra King Info
10.3 Division Organizational Supports - Technology solutions in support of division staff, students and instructional goals - Jeff Faust Info
10.4 2018-2019 Student Fee Schedule - Dr. Kendra King Info
11.0 Comments from Members of the Community
11.1 Comments from Members of the Community Info
12.0 Comments from the Board
12.1 Board Member Comments Info
13.0 Superintendent's Comments
13.1 Superintendent's Comments Info
14.0 Work Session Wrap Up
14.1 Work Session Wrap-Up - Dr. Kendra King Info
15.0 Upcoming Meetings
15.1 Upcoming Meetings Info
16.0 Adjournment
16.1 Adjourn Action